5 Important Dementia Facts

Dementia is not a disease, but instead, a name given to a number of different diseases that together cause memory loss, confusion, and changes within the personality. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the primary causes of dementia, though there are many others as well. Read below to learn 5 more important dementia facts that you might want to know if this condition affects someone that you love or is of concern to you for any reason.

1.    Most people who suffer from dementia are aged 65 or older.  It affects women at slightly higher rates than men. Currently more than 50 million people in the U.S. suffer with the condition. In fact, a new case is diagnosed in the U.S. every three seconds.

2.    Most people assume that dementia is merely memory loss. While this is a main symptom of the condition, those who are inflicted with the condition also experience changes in other areas of the life as well. These people may experience hallucinations, have trouble communicating with other people, disorientation, or odd changes in their behavior.

3.    Patients suffering from dementia oftentimes need extra care and should have someone in their home to provide services. It is possible to live independently however. If in home dementia care lynn haven isn’t an option, patients need the care that a specialized facility provides.

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4.    Currently, there isn’t a cure for dementia and there’s no treatment to stop any of the diseases that progress into dementia. Perhaps it is a lack of research that causes the problem, considering that only 3% of the medical research budget is used for dementia research.

5.    Dementia is a global issue but one that currently costs the United States more than $850 billion each year. Sadly, this number is only expected to increase as years go by.