When You Need a Dental X-ray

Dental X-rays help a dentist examine the teeth and tissue in the mouth that cannot be seen with the eye during an oral exam. The X-ray makes it easier to diagnose problems and treat them before progression, saving your smile, money, and even aiding in your comfort. But, when are dental x-rays in Paramount CA necessary?

Dentists use dental X-rays to help them provide the best care to the patient. X-rays allow the dentist to provide top-notch care for each patient. They help the dentist learn more about the patient’s oral health needs. Both the dentist and the patient benefit when dental X-rays are used.

Some of the many ways that dental X-rays help a patient:

·    Reveal bone loss that has occurred due to tooth loss or other problems

·    Show decay that is not visible by oral exam

·    Show changes in the bone

·    Provide assistance for implants installation

·    Check for wisdom teeth development

dental x-rays in Paramount CA

·    Reveal oral abnormalities

·    Reveal tumors

There is no set time when a dental X-ray should be performed. The frequency of the X-ray depends on the patient, their dental health, and oral history. Some people need X-rays often and some people rarely need an X-ray. If you follow the American Dental Association’s’ recommended visit schedule and see the dentist annually, the need for X-rays decreases and you can ensure better oral health.

The dentist usually decides if an X-ray is beneficial to the patient during an oral exam. However, the X-ray may also be used when problems with the oral health arise and you make a special appointment for care. X-rays are also used during initial patient visits, so if you’re visiting a dentist for the first time, expect them to be performed so the dentist has an understanding of your oral health needs.